Standard Rivet Nuts

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Standard Fasteners with Non-Standard Abilities

BBA offers a wide range of products from thread M3 up to M16 and lots of specials on customers’ requests.
BBA rivet nuts provide a versatile solution in many industries, creating a threaded fastening point with a blind installation.
Our standard fasteners are produced in a range of materials from steel to brass with a wide range of coatings available.
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Standard Fastener Head Styles

Other head styles and sizes available on request.

Standard Fastener Body Styles

Thread size available from M3 to M16. Body size up available on request. 

BBA Standard Fastener Materials

We produce Blind Rivet Nuts in various qualities. Please always state the quality standard of the screw which is intended to be used with the blind nut. Standard material only M3, M4 and partial M5. T-Material is stock item

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