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BCT® Nail Nut

BCT® Nail Nuts can be installed into soft or brittle material without radial expansion risking cracking or delamination. The BCT® Nail Nut is perfect for unsupported torque in polymers and soft materials.
The ‘teeth’ under the head of the Nail Nut and the advanced knurling on the body create a strong ‘biting’ effect, increasing the torque capability up to 130% before turning. 


Product specifications…

BCT® Nail Nut

BCT® N-Nut specially designed ‘teeth’ under the head can be made to suit the application needs. The ‘teeth’ biting the material make this fastener suitable for unsupported torque to turn in plastic or carbon fibre applications. 

The BCT® N-Nut can be installed in a hole with a wider tolerance than standard fasteners. A 9mm installation hole can have up to +0.6mm tolerance as opposed to a standard +0.1mm.

The BCT® N-Nut bulge will form where the holes are placed in accordance with the required material thickness without radial expansion in the sheet causing cracks.

The BCT® N-Nuts bulge forms up to a 40% larger bulge compared to standard rivet nuts, reducing stress on the material. 

BCT® N-Nut can be produced in all materials available at BBA to suit any application needs.

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Interested in BCT® Nail Nuts?