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BCT® Studsert®

BCT® Studsert creates a male joining point installed into the sheet material without thermal influence. With BCT® technology the Studsert® can be installed to thin or brittle materials without risk of fracture or delamination 
As opposed to welding, the crimping process maintains the material qualities without additional annealing during the welding process. 
BCT® Studsert® are available in all geometries and materials. 
Product specifications…

BCT® Studsert®

BBA BCT® Studsert® fasteners are available with stud quality 8.8, 10.9 and 12.9.

Using custom geometries and body sizes BCT® Studsert® can endure the necessary torque for our customer’s applications. For example, using an M6 sleeve with BCT® technology and an M5 thread Studsert® can withstand 11.5Nm of torque inline with a 12.9 bolt requirement. 

Stud in metric or coarse thread available upon request. 

The BCT® Studsert® can be installed in a hole with a greater tolerance than standard fasteners. A 9mm installation hole can have up to +0.6mm tolerance as opposed to a standard +0.1mm.

The BCT® Studsert® bulge will form where the holes are placed in accordance to the required material thickness.

The BCT® Studsert® bulge forms up to a 40% larger bulge compared to standard rivet nuts, reducing stress on the material. 

BCT® Studsert® is also available with an oval geometry under the head to stop rotation ability. 

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Interested in BCT® Studsert®?