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BCT® High Strength Overview

BCT® High Strength is the result of the combined research in high strength materials and BCT® technologies to create an ultra-strong thread whilst still forming a perfect bulge.
The unique manufacturing process at BBA allows us to create a high-strength thread which has vastly improved material properties than the standard rivet nut.
BCT® Strength has enabled BBA to create products suitable for any application and ensure the capabilities of the fastener throughout the application lifecycle. 
Product specifications…

BCT® High Strength

BBA BCT® High Strength C-Material has a tensile strength of 600MPA, 80% higher than the industry standard 330MPA. 

The BCT® High Strength is designed for torque of screw class 10.9 and 12.9. With the BCT® High Strength, the head of the screw will break before the threads of the fastener are destroyed. 

The BCT® can be installed in a hole with a greater tolerance than standard fasteners. A 9mm installation hole can have up to +0.6mm tolerance as opposed to a standard +0.1mm.

The BCT® bulge will form where the holes are placed in accordance to the required material thickness.

The BCT® bulge forms up to a 40% larger bulge compared to standard rivet nuts, reducing stress on the material. 

BCT® High Strength MICRO

BCT® High Strength MICRO can be installed in to blind installations with limited space to ensure a high strength screwing connection in sheet materials.

BCT® High Strength MICRO has a high quality thread according to bolt metric class 8.8 and 10.9.

BCT® High Strength MICRO has a reduced length of 30 to 40% more than the standard size of a rivet nut. 

BCT® High Strength Aluminum

BCT® High Strength Aluminum fasteners use a body size up fastener, for example, an M8 thread in an M10 body to create a high strength joining point without dissimilar material issues. This in combination with a special annealing process and BCT® technology, allows a performance for screws up to class 10.9. 
BCT® High Strength Aluminum M8 torque curve
  • Body size up M8 thread in the body of an M10 blind rivet nut.


  • 17kN recommended setting force. 


  • Full hexagon body for anti-rotation. 


  • Torque up to 30Nm guaranteed. 

BCT® ULTRA Tensile Strength

Special material and treatment produces a very strong thread, the bulge is forming perfectly because of the cross holes. BCT® ULTRA can be used for applications that require advanced high strength steel and Ultra high strength steel.
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