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Sept 06, 2010


Norbar Torque Tools - Java Torque Tension Calculator

This Application is provided by Norbar

Sorry, you cannot use this calculator unless your Web Browser has Java installed!

Set the size and type of your bolt in the standard properties box. If you don't have a standard bolt, select the choice as close as possible to your bolt. Then move the sliders to adjust the parameters to fit your bolt.
The default friction values are suitable for non lubricated steel bolts.
The calculated values (at the top of the calculator, in red) are the maximum recommended values, based on 90% of yield. If you want to know the torque needed to generate a lower load, vary the Yield parameter until the desired load appears. The corresponding torque can then be read out.
Please notify Norbar of any enhancements or corrections you would like to see made to our calculator!