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New BCT - Bulge Control Technology the new generation Rivet Nut





















Feb 02, 2011





Complete HANDTOOL kit including various BCT MULTIGRIP rivet nuts in steel M5, M6 and M8 for grip range from 0,5 up to 8,0 mm



Designed to generate optimal force to place the rivet nut. A higher force is generated initially to start the collapse of the rivet nut. The force produced by the tool then progressively reduces until the rivet nut is set. Other rivet nut tools work the opposite way round, making initial setting difficult and risking thread stripping at the end of the cycle.


Universal one size drive adaptor that fits all sizes of socket head cap screws. Speeds up change over from one thread size to another. Less parts to stock (and loose) !

Extremely functional and easy to handle even for unskilled users. Mandrels are simple screws SHCS DIN 912.

Key markets include: