About us


BBA’s history is the culmination of the lifetime’s work of the founder of the company, Herr Herbert Schruff. The innovative manufacturing and product technologies that BBA today calls standard, are the fruit of forty years of research and development. Initially, founding the company Herbert Schruff GmbH and then later HSN Metallverabeitungs GmbH, Mr Schruff ultimately refined a unique manufacturing process to produce Rivet Nuts and Rivet Bolts, to the highest quality standards and with great manufacturing flexibility. Today, BBA produces over 6,000 different rivet nut and rivet bolt derivatives. And the story of development doesn’t stop there either. Now, Mr Schruff has successfully developed and patented the next generation of rivet nut product, ‘Bulge Control Technology (B.C.T.). As Herr Schruff approaches retirement, BBA’s heritage of technical development will continue to be the corner stone of the company, both now and in the future.


Our strong points are:


Our blind rivet nuts are mostly destined to the automotive industry and for this reason we are required high quality standards.


Thanks to our production system different from that used by our competitors, BBA is able to produce a variety of products and customized solutions even in small quantities.

Products Range

We produce rivets nuts from M3 to M16, in different materials both metric and inches and specials according to customer’s drawing.

Innovative solutions

we are constantly aiming to search new technical solutions to improve more and more the performances of our rivet nuts. The BCT rivet nut is the new generation rivet nuts available in different types and able to be employed in new applications when a standard rivet nut would not succeed.